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Jan 05

While we’ll offer to do the heavy lifting for you, many customers decide to brave the challenge themselves. Laying fresh turf isn’t an art form, but the process does demand due care. Perhaps this is virginal ground and you’re immune to the charms of Alan Titchmarsh. You may be a DIY impresario armed with a portfolio of successful home-improvement projects. Either way; Let’s roll.

“Great Things Are Not Done By Impulse, But By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together”

Vincent Van Gogh

No, you wont need nimble fingers or intricate craftsmanship. However, laying natures carpet does require hard work and a grasp of lawn-care fundamentals. Just as in construction we lay the foundations before working brick after brick to finalize our masterpiece, an effervescent lawn is established at its roots. Let’s do the groundwork first.


For turf to become established, your garden requires soil. Just as the body demands adequate nourishment, so too does the earth. Topsoil, nurtured by adequate hydration, becomes a conductor of the essential nutrients vital for turf’s longevity. Topsoil needs to be dispersed and leveled evenly with a minimal depth of 2-6 inches before the heavy lifting ensues.


Turf is an incredibly vigorous and resilient fabric. The varied brands of turf can be sustained through record rainfall and drought conditions, as witnessed in 2012. For turf to thrive however, it must be laid with care and attention. On delivery your turf should be laid immediately, ensuring the turves are parallel and snuggly packed. Position planks as you work along. This enables roots and rhizomes to contract and unite.


So, you’ve prepared and leveled the foundations and unfurled nature’s carpet — But nature requires a helping hand. Watering your lawn is essential.  Expect to do it immediately and every morning for the week thereafter. After 5 days you can mow your lawn and reserve the hose to dry spells.

We hope you’ve found this write-up beneficial. Wiltshire Turf Deliveries can trace our industry roots through the generations. We’re a family run business with outlets across the UK. Our family deliver turf in Edinburgh, Bristol and Nottinghamshire. We have an established record of delivering quality turf at competitive prices. Contact us for more information.

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