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Jan 03

How To Thrive During The Recession

By admin | Business

Latest figures reveal the UK has inched her way out of the recession. While the Euro is in turmoil and the American economy is fueled by debt, we’re ideally placed to weather global storm. Neither bound by the Euro and growing in spite of George Osborne’s “Savage” austerity measures, UK PLC is healthy in comparison to her partners.

2012 has been a curious year for turf distributors. If the recession hadn’t hit consumer confidence, a spring drought followed by record rainfall this summer had the potential to pull the industry under. Indeed, a national turf distributor made 6 figure losses during this period. With decades in the industry, Wiltshire Turf Deliveries were able to neutralize these environmental conditions and thrive. How …?

Evolve Or Perish …

Companies who thrive learn to adapt. At Wiltshire Turf, we’ve learnt to adapt our range of services to suit our customers needs. The garden design industry offers fresh opportunities for companies to diversify. These opportunities range from contemporary garden fixtures, fencing and decking. While turf remains for the most part a seasonal trade, these affiliate services are an opportunity to extend our customer relationship.

We’ve also taken another crucial step; We have increased our visibility. We’ve understood that our customers increasingly search for garden services online. While this site, Wiltshire Turf, ranks at #1 in Google, we continually strive to improve our visibility and develop our customer relationships. Think of your website as more than just an electronic business card. It’s an open platform for your customer to educate their senses before posing that first enquiry.

While the winter is effectively the turf industries ‘Off Season’, we’re making preparations for the new year. Over the coming months we’ll be updating and enhancing this website as we strive to further our reach. Please return shortly for further updates and contact us with your enquiries.