Four Seasons Lawn Care

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Jan 03

Customized Lawn Care For Every Season

As turf farmers and distributors Wiltshire Turf have worked in the landscape gardening industry for over 20 years. During that time we’ve experienced droughts, record rainfall and unusual climatic shifts, perhaps never more so than in 2012. Confronted with these challenges, many competitors have struggled. However, we’ve continued to grow.  This blog is designed to bring these insights to the fore.

Lawn Fundamentals

In this post we’ll briefly touch on lawn care essentials. Your lawn isn’t just for the summer, but for all seasons. Accordingly then, neglect in the winter and and lack of preparation in the spring will yield a lawn your less than proud of. Here we’ll explore the required hydration of your lawn, fertilizers and the seasonal differentials.

Hydration Is Vital During The Summer

During the summer your lawn requires ample water. Through these months, we’d recommend this is done in the morning to encourage the roots to thrive. Grass actually grows faster over this period, which is why many green fingered enthusiasts lower their lawn mower a notch and revert their routine for the rest of the year.

Autumn – A Balanced Approach

Established turf distributors understand the value of 4 seasons lawn care. Many turf professionals — and even golf courses — seed early. Turf farms typically wait until the autumn to reseed their field for the following summer. The autumn months offer natures balance; not too hot to warrant ongoing hydration, while frost is unlikely to settle.

The Winter Months – When Less Is More

While your lawn doesn’t require intensive treatment through the winter, it does benefit from care. We’d recommend a light servicing of natural agents. These include compost and other minerals to encourage earth worms and other microbial life that benefit the lawns overall appearance. We’ll include reviews of various products that will benefit the health and vigour of your lawn in future blog posts.

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