Spring Lawn Care

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Jan 03

If you’ve followed our winter lawn care advice, you’ll know we recommend easing off during this quarter. Mowing during damp and frosty conditions is likely to undermine your lawns appearance. The first throes of spring afford you the opportunity to graduate your efforts, and primp and preen to your hearts delight.

After mowing, you’ll want go further. Moss thrives during cold and damp conditions.  It’s likely you’ll discover moss in shaded areas and at the feet of trees and hedges. While you’ll find an array of lawn products on the market, including the Rolling Lawn Scarifier, a simple garden rake will suffice. This step prepares your lawn for aeration and feeding.

Aeration And Fertilizer For Spring Lawn Care

We wouldn’t recommend a winter intensive application of aeration either, but doing so periodically throughout the year is still beneficial. An application of fertilizer is recommended during the spring and summer. Fertilizer hosts a variety of nutrients essential for a healthy lawn. Many brands of fertilizer possess weed and moss killer too. Perhaps we’ll post a review of fertilizers at some point in future.

There are different schools of thought on fertilizer use.  There are those who champion organic lawn care and decry the synthetic approach. We’re mindful and continue to observe contemporary research.

Thank you for reading this latest installment on 4 Season’s Lawn Care. Wiltshire Turf Deliveries pride ourselves of staying in tune with industry developments and offering the right advice to our clients. Stay tuned for the summer …

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