Winter Lawn Care

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Jan 03

Winter is your lawns ‘Off-Season’. It’s that time of year when lawns across the county experience less footfall as homeowners retire from the great British outdoors and retreat into the warmth of their homes. Winter lawn care demands a tailored approach. This post is dedicated to those customers who inquire about managing their garden and reap the benefits in the new year.

First things first — Mowing. While you’ll clearly want your lawn to retain its healthy, manicured appearance we’d recommend only using your lawn mower sparingly. In particular we’d ask you to avoid mowing your lawn during periods of rainfall or frost. Failure to measure your efforts will result in a lawn that looks patchy and unhealthy at best.

You’ll also want to inspect your garden to clear moss, leaves and other debris. Moss tends to be found under garden fixtures including hedges and trees and can be treated easily with Mosskiller. Clear leaves and debris from the garden floor, but do so with the right tools. We’d recommend finding bespoke leaf sweepers — Available at DIY Outlets — and lawn vacuums.

Aeration Allows Your Lawn To Breathe

Aeration during the winter is highly beneficial. You can do this by employing spiking machines or easier still, your humble garden fork. Using these tools will allow your lawn to breathe. Puncture the ground firmly every 4 inches (10 cms) across your lawn.  This will alleviate compaction and improve drainage.

A word on those friendly earthworms. While turf is often referred to as ‘Natures Carpet’, worms are thought of as natures ‘Original Gardener’. And with good reason; Worms benefit the soil structure and nutrient content. So while many regard them as a hindrance, they are of immense benefit to the traditional garden lawn.

We hope you found this edition of Wiltshire Turf’s ‘Four Seasons Lawn Care’ useful. We’ll be updating this blog as we explore the following seasons soon. Visit our homepage @ and contact us for more information.


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